Meet this amazing woman, Peta Ryan, mum of three, personal trainer, clinical nutritionist, lifestyle blogger and read her professional opinion on health !!!


  1. Introduce yourself? Hi, I’m Peta, I’m a Personal Trainer and qualified nutritionist. I’m a mum of three beautiful kids all under the age of seven, including an additional needs child. I’ve been a very proactive health professional for the past 6 years running my own Personal training business, specialising in women’s health and training, as that is where my passion lies! I’ve always been very focused on developing balance and empowerment for my clients because I believe without both your foundations will be weak. Making your journey so much harder. As Ana refers to “losing your excuses” you also have to beat your mind and work out why your excuses are what you find every time you look rather than the reasons to why you CAN make the change! I am doing what I’m doing because I do believe everyone deserves to maintain a life that they can be proud of one that they can live to the fullest and one where they know that they deserve to live! I’m being the change I want to see in this world one person at a time, one life at a time!


  1. What pushed you towards becoming a nutritionist? My girls ( my mummy clients) the women who are raising our future, the ones that were lost in the ways in which food affects our bodies at a biological and chemical level. I felt I need to be the soft voice of knowledge for them, the voice which empowered their choices and then also that of their children. These children are our future and the earlier their health foundations are set the better their futures look! Becoming a nutritionist was a very natural shift because I was already helping them change their physical but without the correct nutrition knowledge, some of my girls felt defeat because they were not seeing the results they thought they would! Balance remember it’s all important and this is just another facet of creating balance!



  1. In your opinion what’s the biggest cause of weight gain? (sugar, too many calories, personal problems, etc.) Honestly, I believe that people look at food as an indulgence, when they need to look it as the view that it’s the fuel to which powers our lives and ultimately our bodies. Indulgences are a crutch for some people, it’s at times the only thing they find comfort in and the only thing they feel they can control in their lives. I’ll tell you right now it isn’t it’s just another excuse to hide behind! I know that sounds a little harsh but truly it isn’t meant like that, how it is meant is that finding comfort and security in food is a negative based activity because you’re doing more damage to a body and mind that is already damaged to a degree! You’re not believing in yourself enough and you’re hiding behind the excuse that “it makes me feel good” because yeah it may for like 10 minutes but I guarantee soon enough the guilt will come and then a vicious cycle develops and everything spirals out of control!


  1. How much is having a successful mind set important during weight loss journey? It is as far as I’m concerned the most important thing to develop or have during a weight loss journey! Your mindset is what determines whether you fail and succeed and it is generally set right before you begin your journey. So if I could give anyone a pieces of advice it would be that if you don’t know the reasons WHY you need to make these changes or you are making them purely for societies perception of you then I want you to stop and I want you to work out WHY you need to do this for you! You might say it’s because “you’re fat” fair enough BUT why degrade yourself by calling yourself fat? You need to be able to honestly turn that statement around and be able to say ” I’m a big over weight but I want to be able to move easier, sleep better and breathe better.


  1. Why is important to eat healthy? Because simply it is what fuels you and it is what determines your health! I use this as a perfect example, you’ve got a beautiful orchid in bloom it’s fresh it’s vibrant and it’s stunning! An orchid needs the time it needs patience and it needs the right care to be able to survive! If you were to wake every day and pour a mixture of water sugar salt and artificial chemicals on to over time the plant will slowly wilt, then it will lose its vibrancy, then it would stop blooming and eventually die! Your body is this orchid, such a simple beautiful thing but one that needs nurture and nurtures with the correct nutrition of it too will wilt, lose its vibrancy and then eventually die prematurely because you haven’t given it what it needs to survive!


  1. What are your healthy daily rituals and what do you suggest to do every day in order to have a healthy lifestyle? Drink water and plenty of it!!! Make sure you start the day with something that’s going to boost your metabolism but isn’t heavy! Drink, eat and enjoy your greens!!!! Photosynthesis is as important for plants as it is for our bodies, so give your bodies the chance to repair and recover! Cut the CRAP, carbonated refined and processed foods, your bodies are worth more than to brew a chemical storm within! Plus there are alternatives that you can and will enjoy if you give them the chance!



  1. What is in common to all your clients and how you respond to that? It’s simple and some will never be able to be open enough to actually see it. It comes right down to a personal perception of themselves! Generally, they’ve built up so much hate, negativity and helplessness towards themselves, their lives and their circumstances that all they begin to see and feel is hate negativity and helplessness! They build a facade that they don’t even believe and one they hide behind while hating themselves in the process pretending to everyone around them that they couldn’t be happier and are completely comfortable with how they look feel and live each day! It isn’t my job to call people out and help aid them to hate themselves but I do believe it is my job to support them and help them to believe in themselves their abilities and show them the positivity and drive that is deep down within them and that life is so much more than the surface value because it is!


  1. What’s your message for the people who are trying to lose weight? Just get up off that couch, open your front door and ask yourself “has the sun risen today?” If it has and your answer is yes, then realise with every single brand new day you have the opportunity and chance to change your life, change how you feel about yourself! You are alive and you’re alive not to waste it hating yourself because honestly it’s soooooo much easier to love yourself then it is to hate yourself! Hating takes way too much time and energy, a deep dark hole is a pretty lonely place isn’t it and that right here is what hating yourself is like! So just like the rising sun offering you the opportunity of a band new day, loving yourself enough to change is offering you something vibrant, less isolating and lonesome! It’s offering you the chance to finally stop fighting and LIVE!





2014 je godina. Godina u kojoj sam po prvi put donijela cvrstu odluku promjeniti svoj zivot iz korijena. Godina u kojoj su se dogodile nevjerovatne stvari za koje da mi je netko prije rekao nebi mu vjerovala, no o tome neki drugi put. Godina je bila ispunjena velikim osobnim borbama, velikim odlukama, pretjeranim radom (oko 75 sati TJEDNO), ogromnom nostalgijom za svojom zemljom I obitelji te na neki nacin jos uvijek prilagodavanjem na stranu zemlju.


Na redovitom sistematskom pregledu moja doktorica je napipala kvrzicu na mojim grudima. Sjecam se njenog pogleda. Lagano se odmaknula I rekla: “Napipala sam nekakvu netipicnu kvrzicu, mislim da je nekakav maleni tumor, morali bi to provjeriti!” Moram priznati da sam prvih par sekundi blijedo gledala u nju I nekako mi ta informacija nije dopirala do mozga. Nastavila je: Ana, ne vjerujem da je nesto ozbiljno, medicina je uznapredovala, ovakve stvari vidimo svaki dan, samo mi nije jasno kako se to dogodi kod ovako mladih cura? Sljedecih nekoliko minuta je doslovno pricala jedno te isto, a ja ju nisam mogla pratiti. Tumor? Kvrzica? U meni nesto? Molim? MOLIM? MOOOOOLLLLIMMMM?


Ne postoji rijec kojom bi mogla opisati kako sam se u tim trenutcima osjecala I ne zelim da itko ikada to I sazna no nesto najslicnije je vjerujem onome kao DA TE GROM POGODI, kad da te nesto sutnulo iz korijena tvog bica. Cak tad nisam ni osjetila strah nego samo osjetila jedno veliko NISTA. Niti vamo, niti tamo. Jos uvijek sam sjedila I pokusavala skupiti snage da progovorim. Uplaseno sam ju upitala koji mi je sljedeci korak? Tad mi je dala hrpu papira sa uputnicama za razne specijaliste, vadenja krvi, ultrazvuk I biopsiju te rekla da se vidimo kad budem znala rezultate. Vec ujutro sam imala prvi ultrazvuk jer u Australiji zene mlade od 40 godina ne salju na mamografiju. Tad mi je potvrdeno da imam tumor. Gledala sam ga na tom velikom ekranu I mislila si DOVRAGA, KAKO SE SAMO OVO STVORILO U MENI? Cekale su me pretrage krvi I biopsija kako bi se ustanovilo dali je benigni ili maligni. Cak sam danas I zacudena koliko sam se dobro nosila s cijelom situacijom ali na neki nacin, koliko god to zvucalo cudno covjek tih prvih dana nije ni svjestan sto se oko njega desava ili je to bilo samo u mom slucaju. Nisam plakala, zaista nisam suze pustila, ono sto sam osjecala bio je jedan tupi osjecaj, ne mogu to cak ni nazvat boli, nesto tmurno, neka izbezumljenost, neki miks svega I svacega, neko tesko nezadovoljstvo I pitanje ZASTO? Ono kad me stvarnost zaista “udarila” je bilo nakon sto sam obavila zadnje pretrage I morala cekati par dana kako bi saznala koji tumor ustvari imam. Setajuci od klinike do stana sam osjetila takav nemir i nisam mogla docekati da dodem u stan I isplacem sav onaj potisnuti strah koji sam gajila u sebi jer vise nisam mogla biti jaka.


Zaista nisam netko tko drami javno ili se fokusira na problem no tih dva, tri dana cekanja rezultata su bili najgori I najduzi dani u mom zivotu. Isplakala sam dusu, cijelo tijelo mi se treslo od straha, samo sam mislila na svoje voljene, na sto ako je to to, sto ako umrem, kako ce oni bez mene, kako cu im uopce reci da mi se sve ovo dogada.


Istinski nisam imala snage nista reci mojim roditeljima prvih mjesec dana dok se nisam sabrala I vidjela kojim putem cu ici. Bilo mi je uzasno, apsolutno psihicko rastrojstvo, daleko od svih I svega s takvim napadajima panike I straha tijekm kojih iskreno nisam mogla pravilno disati ni misliti. Jednostavno sam zeljela da me nema, da me zemlja proguta, da ne moram prolaziti niti ja niti moji voljeni ono sto prolazim, Na dan kad su dosli moji rezultati sam ustala liceci na sve osim na zivog covjeka, umila se I rekla sama sebi DA SAM SPREMNA NA SVE STO MI ZIVOT DONESE.


Bio je benigni. Zvuci ludo ali bila sam sretna, mogao je biti I maligni. Moj hod kuci je bio hod ponosnog ratnika koji je upravo dobio veliku bitku. Osjetila sam naglu zelju za zivotom I rekla sam si da cu uciniti sve sto je potrebno kako bi se potpuno izlijecila. Onaj unutrasnji borac koji sam uvijek I bila se javio I glasno se protivio svim mojim strahovima. Uporno mi je bila predlagana operacija, cak sam osjetila da su ju I forsirali te tablete no moja cvrsta odluka je bila da svemu tome kazem NE. Nakon pocetnog soka I mene I mojih najblizih moja odluka da ne idem na operaciju ih je takoder potresla jer su bili suvise uplaseni za ono sto bi se moglo dogoditi. Moja baka I njezine 2 sestre su umrle od raka dojke te je ta spoznaja bila dodatni stress za moju obitelj. Postoji mnogo ljudi koji su se uspjesno izlijecili medicinskim putem I zaista nemam NISTA protiv toga ali ja jednostavno nisam osjetila da je to put kojim trebam ici. Nije mi trebalo dugo da se saberem I postanem ono tko sam danas. Ima tih trenutaka u zivotu u kojima odrastete u treptaju oka. Postala sam pravi istrazivac. Citala sam brojne motivacijske knjige na temu poboljsanja kvalitete svog zivota, kao I knjige ljudi koji su prosli slicna iskustva, slusala sam mudrije od sebe, fokusirala sam se iskljucivo na pozitivan ishod I na to da mi je ova borba dana kako bi jednog dana ja mogla sluziti kao primjer nekoga tko je tu bitku I dobio.


Jedne od najbitnijih knjiga koje sam ikada u zivotu procitala I zaista prakticirala savjete koje su predlagale su knjiga veoma poznate ali rijetko spominjane Marije Treben – Zdravlje iz Bozje apoteke koja je izlijecila mnoge zlocudne bolesti raznim biljem, Nele Srsen – Rak na dusi, nase uspjesne lijecnice u Italiji koja je I sama bila na granici smrti te govori o tome koliko je bitno zavoljeti svoj zivot, Ane Bucevic – U vortex-u ostvarenih zelja te brojne druge. Jedno od mojih najzanimljivijih otkrica na koje sam pomalo I ljuta jer nitko nigdje ne spominje je otkrice uzroka raka njemackog znanstvenika Otta Heinricha Warburg-a 1923. za koje je dobio I NOBELOVU nagradu 1931. Prema njegovim dugogodisnjim istrazivanjima o ljudskim stanicama je dokazao kako je glavni uzrok raka nezdrava prehrana, no sto to znaci? To znaci da pretezno jeduci hranu koja zakiseljuje (rafinirani secer I svi njegovi derivati-najgori, meso, rafinirana sol, brasno, margarin, alcohol te duhan) I fizickom neaktivnoscu tijelo stvara kiselu sredinu slabo opskrbljenu kisikom. Nedostatak kisika u tijelu stvara kiselu sredinu odnosno tumore. Sve normalne stanice u nasem tijelu trebaju kisik, no stanice tumora kisik ne trebaju I u nedostatku istoga samo rastu. Danima sam citala njegova otkrica I radove I zaista u njih povjerovala. Netko je tko je sve objasnio I dokazao na toliko jednostavan nacin I napokon mi je bilo jasno ZASTO I kako sam dobila tumor. Prehrana koja nije zdrava I koja zakiseljuje nas organizam je bila moj glavni izvor hrane od koje sam se I konstantno debljala. Sve mi je to nekako imalo smisla I odlucila sam potpuno promjeniti svoj zivot I zivotne navike.


Dvije pune godine BEZ IZNIMKE sam jela isljucivo zdravo, makar ono sto sam ja smatrala zdravim. Svako jutro zapocnem casom tople vode u koju iscjedim limun, dodam med, kukumar I cimet. Jedem jako puno svjezeg voca I sirovog povrca, cesnjaka, dumbira, rize, morske hrane, oko 2x tjedno piletinu I veoma rijetko malo crvenog mesa. Od cajeva preferiram koprivin jer je kopriva najbolja za ciscenje nase krvi te pijem “Svedsku grancicu” – mjesavinu aromaticnih ljekovitih bilja koju je u 18.stoljecu sastavio poznati svedski lijecnik dr. Klaus Samst koju je iz zaborava izvukla prije spominjana Marija Treben (Zdravlje iz Bozje apoteke) te ju ucinila svjetski poznatom. Prema istrazivanjima nas organizam treba hranu koja ga obogacuje kisikom I ne dopusta stanicama tumora da nastanu, a to je svo sirovo povrce (neko je kiselo po okusu ali se u tijelu ne mijenja), voce, bademi – jedni od najalkalnijih, med (prirodni secer), voda I vjezbanje (izbacivanje toksina iz organizma).


Bila sam veoma stroga I uporna sa svojom prehranom. Istinski sam pocela voljeti I cijeniti zivot I sve ono sto mi je dano. Bilo je I teskih dana kad nisam bila sigurna kud ce me sve ovo odvesti, bilo je I nekakvih pokusaja straha da me obuzme no nisam se dala. Znala bi zastati na trenutak kako bi uzela predah od svega al nikad nisam odustala I nikada necu. Moja krvna slika je postala CUDOM bolja no za mene je to bilo sve samo ne cudo jer sam dobro znala koliko sam vremena ulozila u to kako bi promjenila SVAKU nezdravu naviku u svom zivotu. Nikada se nisam zalila niti je to itko oko mene spominjao jer ono cemu dajes paznju to raste. Cijelo vrijeme sam radila, ostvarivala velike uspjehe sa svojim nekadasnjim restoranom , citala, slusala uspjesne ljude, bodrila se na razne nacine, odrzavala svoj pozitivan stav kako god sam znala I umila I izgradila se u ovo sto sam danas.


Da, naravno da sam imala “teskih” trenutaka ali sam psihicki ojacala I nisam dala ruznim mislila da me opsjedaju. Velike napore sam ulozila u to da se strogo fokusiram na samo pozitivne stvari jer sam imala I jos uvijek imam toliko snova I planova koje zelim realizirati. Sto danas kao netko tko je prije 2 tjedna saznao da je napokon SVE IZA MENE I DA SAM POBIJEDILA u ovoj borbi misli o tome?


Zvuci ludo ali danas sam netko tko je istinski I duboko zahvalan na ovom iskustvu. Apsolutno sam promjenila svoj nacin prehrane mada samo nekada pojedem nesto sto “nebi trebala” ali danas jako dobro znam kontrolirati samu sebe. Nikada kao do sada nisam bila zaljubljena u svoj zivot I zivot opcenitio. Nisam zivjela u trenutku I bila sam nezadovoljna radi mnogih gluposti, zamarala se tudim misljenjima, radila sve kako bi druge cinila sretnima osim sebe. Sad se budim sretna, istinski sretna. I onaj zrak vani kada udisem osjecam kako mi prolazi kroz tijelo. Veselim se svakom novom danu, svima koje volim najvise na svijetu to jasno I dajem do znanja. Znam da nitko nije vjecan ali jedna od bitnijih lekcija je naucena I ja sam duboko zahvalna na njoj. Cijenite svaki trenutak jer svaki je zaista I poseban. Nisam vidjela zivot ovako kako ga vidim sada i apsolutno razumiem zasto mi je ova borba bila poslana. Sve ovo je samo moje osobno misljenje I iskustvo, apsolutno nemam nista protiv bilo kojeg nacina izlijecenja jer svatko radi onako kako misli da je najbolje za njega.


Moj jedini cilj je potaknuti sve djevojke i zene na redoviti godisnji pregled i dati im do znanja DA NISU SAME <3



This post is very important to me because it’s very personal. This post is for all beautiful women’s who are trying to lose weight. This is a simple reminder that everything is possible once when you decide to take control of your life.

This is a proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on professional trainers, sports clothes or so … but you have to spend A LOT of time working on yourself.

When I moved to Australia 4 years ago I was going through a very stressful period in my life and I gained too much weight which you can see in this photo.


Lose your weight fast


Lose your weight fast

I use to be embarrassed of this photo but today this is my favorite photo, this photo is proof that you can control yourself and change your habits ONLY IF YOU WANT. I know that I sound like losing weight is easy but you know what? IT IS EASY. Once when you put yourself on FIRST PLACE, where anyway you belong, everything change. Losing weight is mental process. I have tried so many different diets and still I was same. Personally I don’t have anything against any diet or tablets but it’s just not for me. I just don’t believe in that. My way was strictly healthy way, mentally and physically.

After I lost about 18 kilos in just few months (yes, FEW) I’ve been asked a lot on which diet I am , which pills I am using and so but the truth was so simple and easy. When I lost all of my excuses I found my results. I became more active and aware how food is imporatant to us. Food is our fuel and we should love our body. I ran EVERY single day on my own balcony (which is about 3o metres in my super old clothes) because first I wanted to lose my fat. I replaced red meat with more chicken and fish, chips with rice and vegetables, chocolates with some natural sweets like dates ( a rich source of energy) and homemade bars because they don’t have artificial colours and flavors, soft drinks with fresh juice and water. It wasn’t easy at the beginning and I didn’t change everything over the night. It was actualy hard at the beginning for someone who was in love with junk food but I loved myself more than I loved junk food.


THANK YOU Women’s fitness Australia for keeping me motivated !!!




Ovaj post mi je neizmjerno vazan jer je jako osoban. Ovaj post pisem svim prekrasnim zenama koje se bore sa gubitkom kilograma. Ovaj post je jedan mali podsjetnik da se dogadaju cuda jednom kada preuzmete kontrolu nad vlastitim zivotom. Ovaj post je dokaz da ne morate trositi novce na private trenere, teretane I skupu sportsku odjecu ali ono sto morate potrositi je jako puno vremena na rad na sebi.

Kada sam se prije 4 godine preselila u Australiju prolazila sam kroz jako stresno razdoblje u svom zivotu koje je bilo popraceno mojom naglom promjenom tezine koju mozete vidjeti na ovoj fotografiji.


Kako smrsaviti brzo i zdravo?


Kako smrsaviti brzo i zdravo?


Neka me bilo sram ove fotografije ali danas sam neizmjerno ponosna na nju jer je dokaz da mozete kontrolirati I pobijediti samog sebe te promjeniti svoje zivotne navike, naravno, samo ako vi to zelite. Ja znam da zvucim kao netko kome je gubljenje kilograma jako lako ali znate sto? PA I NIJE BILO TAKOOOO TESKO. Jednom kada sebe stavite na prvo mjesto u zivotu gdje inace I pripadate sve postaje lakse. Gubljenje kilograma je mentalni proces. Ako vam se ne svida to kako izgledate, onda to promjenite. Morate biti svjesni toga da dokle god se vi sami ne promjenite nista se nece mjenjati, ne vrijede vam dijete, teretane ni skupi programi ako vi tu situaciju niste rijesili sami sa sobom u svojoj glavi. Nema dijete koju nisam probala ali jednostavno mi niti jedna nije davala rezultata I nisam ni jednu mogla ispostovati do kraja. Osobno, nemam nista ni protiv tableta za mrsavljenje niti ijedne dijete ali to nije za mene, jednostavno ne vjerujem u to. Moj put je bio iskljucivo zdravi, psihicki I fizicki.

Nakon sto sam izgubila oko 18 kila u samo nekoliko mjeseci cesto su me pitali na kojim sam dijetema ili koje tablete za mrsavljenje koristim, no istina je bila toliko laka I jednostavna. Nakon sto nisam mogla prihvatiti svoj izgled I nakon sto sam izgubila svaku svoju izliku, dobila sam rezultate. Svaki dan sam trcala oko 30 minuta na svom balkonu koji je poprilicno velik (oko 30m) u svojoj najstarijoj odjeci sa slusalicama u usima iz kojih su trestali motivacijski govori. Zamjenila sam crveno meso sa piletinom I morskom hranom, pomfrit sa vocem I povrcem, cokolade sa datuljama, gazirane sokove sa vodom I svjeze cijedenim sokovima. Nije mi bilo lako u pocetku, pogotovo prvih nekoliko dana jer sam bila netko tko je neizmjerno bio zaljubljen u brzu I nezdravu hranu. Nisam sve ni promjenila preko noci, postepeno sam uvodila promjene u svoj zivot. S vremenom postane lakse I lakse. I da, jela sam jako puno, konstantno sam jela ali se nisam debljala, niti sam 2 godine nakon toga vratila ista od moje stare kilaze.

Ako mislite da ne mozete, molim vas da se vratite gore na moju sliku za koju stvarno mislim da nije potreban opis.


HVALA Women’s fitness Australija na motivaciji !!!



Life is simple once when you accept responsibility for your own choices and decisions. The only thing you have to implement are new habits. I am bringing you 5 morning rituals that have changed my life completely.


  1. WAKE UP EARLIER – Now when you want to improve your life and implement a few new habits you may need some extra time to organise your life better.


  1. DRINK A GLASS OF WARM LEMON WATER – Drinking a glass of warm lemon water first thing in the morning will boost your energy, mood, immune system and the lemon will help get your digestive system ready for the coming meals. Personally, I add 1tbs of cinnamon, honey, and turmeric in my lemon water to boost my immune system even more.


  1. STRECH YOUR BODY – Stretching in the morning reduce muscle tension, maintain your current level of flexibility and reduce potential back pain.


  1. MOTIVATION – Every morning for the last 2 years I spend at least 5 minutes on listening some motivational video or reading one chapter of some motivational book. I use to struggle with motivation a lot and this small ritual improved my whole life.


  1. HAVE BREAKFAST – Yes, I know, the hardest one. I use to hate that but not anymore. I truly love myself and I am completely aware of all the benefits that one bowl of fresh fruits can do to my body. If you really can’t eat breakfast which you should start at least with one apple or banana or some healthy sandwich.





Zivot postaje zaista jednostavan jednom kada prihvatimo odgovornost za nase izbore I odluke. Kako bi ga poboljsali moramo u njega unijeti nekoliko novih zdravih navika. Ovdje donosim mojih najdrazih 5 jutarnjih rituala koji su mi promjenili zivot.


  1. PROBUDITE SE RANIJE – Sada kada zelite poboljsati kvalitetu svoga zivota I stvoriti neke nove navike trebat cete malo dodatnog vremena kako bi organizirali svoj zivot sto bolje.


  1. POPIJTE CASU TOPLE VODE SA LIMUNOM – Pijuci casu tople vode sa limunom povecavate vasu energiju te poboljsavate raspolozenje I imunoloski sistem. Osobno u casu tople vode s limunom dodam I jednu kaskicu cimeta, meda I kurkuma kako bi svoj imunoloski sistem poboljsala jos I vise. Okus nije nesto najljepsi ali nije ni toliko los jer od okusa mi je bitnije moje zdravlje.


  1. JUTARNJE ISTEZANJE – Makar 3 minute jutarnjeg istezanja su dobre kako bi ublazili bolove u ledima, dobro je za odrzavanje arterija zdravima I povecava nasu tjelesnu izdrzljivost.


  1. MOTIVACIJA – Svako jutro zadnje 2 godine provedem makar 5 minuta slusajicu neki motivacijski video ili citajuci jedno poglavlje neke motivacijske knjige. Imala sam velikih problema sa motivacijom ali nakon uvodenja ovog malog rituala kvaliteta mog zivota se znatno promjenila.


  1. DORUCKUJTE – Znam, sve znam. Ni sama nisam dugo mogla doruckovati ujutro no kako mi je moje zdravlje zaista bitno odlucila sam to promjeniti. Nikada ne preskacem dorucak koji obiluje raznim vrstama voca. Pocnite makar sa jednom bananom, jabukom ili nekakvih zdravim sendvicem.

Wake up earlier


Eat healthy breakfast


Listen some motivational video (Oprah Winfrey – my favourite )


Drink warm lemon water








Meet Aja. A unconventionally simple web designer who’s on a mission to help every newbie entrepreneur dominate the world.

If you are just starting your business I highly recommend you a warm-hearted, responsible and highly effective business woman with who work is more fun than fun. Your desire to succeed and her energy and passion for your project can lead to success. Her motto is: ‘It’s not who you are that holds you back, it’s who you think you are not.’

  1. Introduce yourself? I’m Aja-a bohemian, free flowing life loving, chocolate avocado pudding eating, minimalist, mother of 3 boys who finally figured out what to do to live a life I love


  1. Tell us more about your business? I’ve been creating websites for about 4 years, but I just started doing it professionally last year. I specialize in helping new entrepreneurs create a web presence that gets results but also empowers them to live the life they dream of and be who they desire to be.


  1. How long were you running the business before you started paying yourself? I started paying myself immediately. Let me explain. I believe in rewarding myself-but, not for effort, or small things-I have high expectations of myself and believe that it takes 10 times the effort you think it will take to reach your goals. I did that (and continue to do it)-so I pay myself first.


  1. What are your plans, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Good question! My plans are leaning towards helping budding web designers build a business they love. I also want to take a theme design class. It is just something I am very interested in because I think it would be fun to learn, but you never know what business might come out of it.


  1. What is yours top 5 tips for entrepreneurial success? Mindset is the most important tool you will ever have 2. Understand that marketing can be made up as you go along (don’t just think outside of the box-know there is no box) 3. Always read a lot (successful people read) Must read are The Desire Map-Danielle Laporte/The 10X Rule-Grant Cardone/May Cause Miracles-Gabrielle Bernstein 4. Only you can determine what success looks like for you. 5. Never compete with other people, dominate your industry


  1. What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started? Success doesn’t happen overnight but if you building your biz (and your life) based on your desires, you’ll be just fine. Oh, and do everything 10X.


  1. What advice would you have for someone who is just starting with their blog? Keep on going.


Big thank and huge respect to this wonderful woman for all the things that she did for me. You are a true blessing.

If you feel lost and don’t know where to start to click the link down below and your success is guaranteed.




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